Nithiin LIE Telugu Movie Review Rating

Nithiin’s “LIE” Telugu Movie Review & Rating


Satyam (Nithiin), a careless youth wants go to US to marry a rich girl. Chaitra (Mega Akash) agrees to get married to someone to tour nice locations like US but the wedding gets terminated for a silly reason. Travel agent sets Chaitra and Satyam go with each other on US trip. The movie has love, intellect and enmity and the trailer promises that it may be a nail-biting watch. His passion story is built on the idea of lying to the other person and the protagonist’s name, ‘A Satyam’, which translates to ‘lie’ when pronounced with jointly.

Overall performance

In LIE, Nithiin has been experimenting with different scripts of past due. He rocked the red blazer look in one of his earlier film, which brought him returning to success. Moreover the acting professional looks uber macho with a cool hairstyle. His appearance has been a talking point, and can definitely tease the cine fan in you to notice how that matches his acting prowess. Megha Akash has done justice to her role and her chemistry with the main character is good. Arjun Sarja, Sri Ram, Ajay, Nassar, Ravi Kishan, Brahmaji, Prithviraj and Brahmanandam have also done good jobs. Overseer Hanu Raghavapudi came up with LIE, which truly seems to have a thrilling plot.

Techinical Team

Mani Sharma’s songs and background score, J Yuvaraj’s cinematography, beautiful locales and choreography of action and chase scenes would be the interesting attractions on the technical front side. Mani Sharma’s music arrangement have climbed the minds of the fans. Bhombhat song will be a treat to all the youngsters. The action moments in particular deserve an unique mention as they are crafted too good. The cinematography captures the amazing locales of San Francisco. Croping and editing part is little slack.

Rating : 2.5/5