Nakshatram Movie Review and rating

Nakshatram : Movie Review – Not any Shine In ‘Nakshatram’

Rating: 2.5 /5


Rama Rao (Sundeep Kishan) is a wannabe police officer. He works hard to become cop and in the process, he fails to become a cop anticipated to a dispute with the son of Police Commissioner (Tanish). As a result, Rama Rao gets disappointed and he tries a suicide. Rama Rao then realises that this individual does not desire an authorities uniform to do good for the society and changes his identity. What happens after that will form the rest of the film’s story.


The film has it is own good actors participating in the lead roles in the film. Sundeep Kishan carries a good performance focused role after a long time. He impressed in the role. Sai Dharam Tej is perfect in the role of the DSP. He impressed together with his amazing and charming performance. Both female leads are big assets for the film. Pragya Jaiswal and Regina Cassandra did their best by performing well and by picking out some good glamour show. Prakash Raj is seen in an natural part too which is good.

The film has cinematography done by Sreekanth Naroj and he has done an amazing job with his camera and improved lenses. The editing by Shiva Y Prasad is fine but it could have been much better than what it is in film production company. the film has music as a plus. Though the songs are not hummable, the backdrop score of the film is impressive. the film has a good technical team which gave the best outcome.


Nakshatram is one police officer story that we would have witnessed frequently in the past. The the greater part of the film confronts dealing the issues that Krishna Vamshi has already done in earlier days. Along with that, there is no proper execution in the film and the movie did not follow any particular flow in addition to a lot of mistakes in the screenplay with the many boring moments.