Darhsakudu telugu movie review and rating

Darshakudu Movie Review :  Impressive ‘Darsakudu’

Rating: 3 /5

Mahesh (Ashok) is a wannabe director who commences his life as a light boy. One fine day, he gets an possibility to narrate a story to the film’s overseer which later becomes a chance for him to make the directional debut but he will be asked to develop a love story. Mahesh comes across Namratha (Eesha) and begins loving her. He begins incorporating his activities into the script and Namratha realises the real intention of Mahesh and starts disliking him. What goes on after that forms the complete Story of the film.

Ashok, the debut acting professional did his job pretty much well and tried to make an impression everyone in the film together with his performance. The feminine lead Eesha is also good but both of them had to improve a lot of performance skills which would add as a benefit for them in their particular careers. Apart from the two, there are not many important roles in the film. Noel was noticed in a role of Darsakudu and the young actor introduced his best for the film. Pujitha Ponnada is seen in a good role in the film too. Other casting is impressive and supported the business lead actors well.

Technical Departments:
The camera work by Praveen Anumolu is impressive. The way in which he selected the lighting set and the way he did the framing is fantastic. Everything appeared beautiful on the screen. The editing was fine in film production company and some unnecessary sequences might have been easily chopped off. The listenings in the film are incredibly nice and impressive. The technical team brought in best efforts for the impressive output of the film. The music by Sai Karthik is nice and he did his job very well for the film.

“Darsakudu” offers a lot of interesting things the public. Presently there is a lot of stuff that the film confronts and everything is interesting as well as impressive. There are not many big boring factors in the film. The film literally appeals very much to the common audiences and it has become a good one ultimately. The film has a good script with some appealing performances which have contributed their part for the success of the film. In a whole, the film is a good make an effort from the production house Sukumar Writings.

Impressive ‘Darsakudu’