Beauty tips with rice flour for Healthy skin

So this time cosmetic treatments at home would see using rice flour. This is very good for skin. That could have been …

  •  In 2 spoon of Rice flour mix little bit amount of honey and also the curd. Apply this mixture on the face, neck and massage to make written. After 15 minutes wash your face and neck, this will turn your skin with glow.
  •  In a spoon of Rice flour add five drops of castor oil and mix up to become the paste and apply this coating under the eyes. Rinse with water this will gradually moves away wrinkles & rings under the Eye.
  •  In a little bite rice flour add Milk or milk cream and apply this coating to the face. After few Minutes later, clean the skin clean, this will away dirt.
  • Dead skill cell will deposited on the skin and  become necrotic. Before the shower massage a little of rice flour combined with honey, or olive oil helps to remove dead skill cells completely. This will increase the glowness of your skin.